Points to ponder about before preparing your favourite chicken recipe – John Polit
Points to ponder about before preparing your favourite chicken recipe – John Polit

If you are someone who relishes non-vegetarian food to the core, chicken recipes have to be your biggest love affair. In other words, we can say that chicken is the favorite dish for all the meat-eaters around. Besides being delicious, all these chicken recipes are high in nutrition and easy on the stomach.

Chicken recipes can be quoted as healthy and unhealthy at the same time, depending on their preparation style. Still, if you want to get rid of the excess fat content, you got to take out the skin to bring it the best version of lean meat.

John Polit, who has listed himself as one of the most renowned chefs of the modern era, points down certain factors that need to be looked at in the same respect.

John Polit

Well, before we go any further, have a look at one of the many big benefits of bringing chicken into your eating habits.

– Chicken helps in weight loss as it is loaded with a good amount of protein which will make you feel “ filled” for longer durations

– Chicken helps in controlling blood pressure and has often been recommended to BP patients

– Chicken works wonders in many skin disorders and also proves beneficial in the prevention of cataracts

– Consuming chicken (without the skin) minimizes heart disorders whilst reducing the cholesterol levels in the body.

Still, you got to be cautious whilst buying chicken from the open markets to get the best quality in hand. To be more precise, follow the below-mentioned measures:

Source of buying

Always buy chicken from a trusted shop that follows proper hygiene and cleanliness, You may find several shops around the market, but you got to choose the best one. This solely depends on factors like quality, cleanliness, hygiene, and the right prices.

As per John Polit Ecuador, you have got all the boxes ticked, go ahead with your purchase for the chicken recipe. Consuming chicken from a bad source can impact your and your family’s health.

Quality of the chicken

If you are buying from a shop, ensure to read the label on the package, if you are purchasing the chicken from a roadside vendor, check the overall quality twice.

Some online vendors also sell chicken but check their reviews and ratings before the purchase. John Christopher Polit Ecuador says that this can save your family from most of the health hazards of bad-quality chicken.


If you are buying from the shop, check whether the chicken is packed or wrapped in a plastic-tight bag or package. This will help you when you are not cooking your chicken recipe on the same day. As per John Polit Miami, if it’s been bought from a shop, check the “Best before date” and other details related to its quality

Avoid low-grade shops

Most people go with roadside vendors’ when it comes to buying chicken. These can prove expensive in the wake of the cheap quality they offer. Moreover, bad quality can largely impact the health and wellness of your family.

According to John Christopher Polit if you want to enjoy your favorite chicken recipe with peace of mind, stay away from unhygienic shops.

Various cooking methods for the chicken recipes

On the other side, chicken can be cooked in several ways, and that’s why we have over a hundred chicken recipes. Still, the most common methods of cooking chicken are:


The chicken thighs or chicken breast is sliced perfectly and then put into a pan with a low or minimum oil quantity. Cook a small portion of chicken pieces into the pan and stir-fry them until they turn golden brown. One thing you need to make sure of is not putting the whole chicken in one go. That way you can ensure that the chicken is getting a perfect caramel flavor. Do remember that chicken breast or chicken thighs are the best cuts for this method.


We need chicken breast, tenderloins, or chicken thigh fillets to get the best out of this method. This can avoid your chicken recipe from being overcooked or burnt in the process. Put the frying pan on medium heat and put one tablespoon of oil. Put the chicken pieces in the pan and cook them for around 7-8 minutes until they turn golden brown. Keep repeating the same process with other chicken pieces as well.


Once again, chicken breasts, thighs, and tenderloins are the perfect pieces for this method of cooking chicken. Just barbecue or a char-grill the chicken and once it’s grilled from both sides, place it in the oven on medium heat. The process will remain even if you cook it barbecue style.


You can use the whole chicken, wings, drumsticks, or chicken thigh cutlets to get the best results. This is because the pieces will come with a bone in the center, helping the bone in the whole roasting process. With the bone in between, the chicken will be cooked evenly from all sides.

Now let’s have a detailed overview of the best chicken recipes, which will surely make you fall in love with chicken, once again.

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