Kitchen Assistant: Functions and Qualities
Kitchen Assistant: Functions and Qualities

The kitchen is a unique place to share, keep secrets and create wonderful meals. However, to strengthen its operation at the professional level, it is important to get trained by culinary experts.

Among the fundamental jobs when cooking is that of kitchen assistants, who serve as an indispensable pieces when preparing a dish.

The assistant performs multiple functions and, although these responsibilities may vary depending on the tasks assigned by the chef. In this post, John Christopher Polit, a famous chef in New York will mention the most important ones.

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Cooking collaborators are responsible for carrying out routine and simple tasks in a kitchen. Among the most important jobs is to maintain order and cleanliness, both in the environment and in utensils and food.

In addition to its main mission, which is to make the preparation of the dishes as efficient as possible, it must fulfill other functions such as:

• Peel and cut food for dishes that the chef is creating.

• Manage orders.

• Mix ingredients for sauces and prepare other simple meals (desserts, soups).

• Take care of the presentation of the plates, in such a way that they look professional and attractive.

• Weigh or measure rations.

• Make new orders in case the supplies are finished.

• Maintain order and cleanliness.

• Store utensils and food after the preparation of the dishes.

• Help the chef serve the meat

• Manage and account for the amount of food.

What qualities should a cooking assistant have?

The most important aspect of a kitchen assistant is attitude. Although some companies are governed by the candidate’s age, studies, and area of residence, it is imperative that he has a willingness and, above all, a love of cooking.

According to John Christopher Polit Ecuador, there are also other qualities you should have, such as:

• Wants to learn constantly.

• Creativity to bring new ideas.

• Maintain a good employment relationship with other workers.

• Own initiative.

• Responsibility and order.

• Accept and adapt the portions to the size indicated by the chef.

• Ability to monitor the existence of food, and cooking tools and prevent it from being lost.

• Provide adequate customer service.

• Respect the guidelines and recipes set by the chef.

• Ensure hygiene in the kitchen (from food to utensils).

The main functions:

A kitchen prick is a person who collaborates with the chef, it is of vital importance in the elaboration of the most complex tasks in the creation of the dishes, as well as the simplest ones to help the cook, all this always works under the supervision of the chef. Still, its main functions are:

• Cleaning kitchen utensils, all tools must be clean so that the chef can use them at any time without having to waste time washing them. This will ensure that the workspace is always in order.

• It is also responsible for the preservation of the products, in order to produce as little waste as possible. In this way, all products will be found in the most optimal way and will have the best flavor.

• As with utensils, the prick has to make sure that the workplace is clean and neat.

• When the food arrives, the cooking assistant has to pick them up and place them in the indicated places, to always know where they are and not to be reduced, so always have them in the right places depending on the product.

• And most importantly, we must not forget that the kitchen assistant takes care, as the name suggests, helping the chef in the elaboration of the dishes so that everything goes perfectly. The prick is responsible for cutting, peeling, and preparing food, but also keeping an eye out for the presentation of the dishes as well as preparing the simplest dishes, you also have to be ready for anything the chef needs.

A kitchen assistant’s salary can vary greatly depending on where you work, depending on the level of the restaurant.

Does a kitchen assistant need to have previous studies and experience?

Although this trade does not have a degree endorsed by universities.

As per John Polit Ecuador knowledge, in order to qualify for a position in a professional restaurant, it is necessary to have at least a basic academic level and the respective certificates of food handling.

However, there are certain organizations where candidates for this position do need a university career, specialized studies, or previous experience in order to practice the profession.

Look out for the best cooking school that will help you to get all the necessary knowledge to get an excellent job offer and skills in culinary art.

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