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John Christopher Polit John Polit is one of the most celebrated and skilled chefs in the country who has redefined the culinary skills of Indian cooking. With immense inborn talent which is fostered by his mother and structured education; he has performed brilliantly in the culinary space.

John Polit John Christopher Polit has immense knowledge and expertise in elaborate recipes, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, their ingredients, and their way of cooking. His professionalism, conduct, and seamless way of communication and imparting knowledge inspire every professional in the domain.

John Polit John Polit Ecuador is a well-known media personality and runs his food show “It’s Only Food with Chef John Politte” on YouTube. He conducts workshops, and classes, and presents the ethos and tricks of various culinary skills at different seminars and conferences. In the hotel, where he works as the head chef, he conducts classes for budding chefs and new joiners, mentors, and coaches them with his immense knowledge and experience.

John Polit: Bringing new dimensions to the Culinary fraternity! John c polit


John Polit ecuadorRecipes From the Orange Room is an elaborate cookbook for Chef John Christopher Polit Ecuador YouTube cooking show; It’s Only Food with Chef John Polit Miami herald. It comprises recipes from twenty-one of his shows. From breakfast to desserts, soups and starters to appetizers, breakfast to dinner, and from American delicacies to Global cuisines; everything is compiled here. It is a Bible for budding and professional chefs, food journalists, food photographers, food bloggers, spice curators, and food stylists.

Seasoning Shop

John Polit miami heraldJohn Polit Miami offers a wide range of seasonings, curated by him. As a renowned spice curator, he is a perfectionist in terms of ingredients, their proportion, weight, and usage. He customizes spices and seasonings to be used in his recipes. This excellence takes culinary delight to the next level.

John Polit Butter Garlic Seasoning: Flavourful garlic butter seasoning is one of his magics. It goes seamlessly with pasta, eggs, pieces of bread, popcorn, and shrimp. Available in 5 oz. bag, it is a special combination of herbs garlic, and organic butter flavor. Whether you are sautéing, roasting, dry roasting, or grilling; this particular seasoning amplifies the flavor quotient.

John Polit Insane Steak and Chop Seasoning, Steak Seasoning, Chop Seasoning, Burger Seasoning: This is a multi-usage seasoning, delicately handcrafted and made of garlic, onion, pepper, paprika, salt, and spices. This is one of the top-selling items. Available in 5 oz. a sealed bag of fully controlled flavor packs a strong appetizing bash for all kinds of chops, burgers, and steaks. Ideal for dry roasts of lamb and pork, grilled lambs, or any smoked fish. Endowed with a bold flavor, this fiery season adds a zing to the food and has gained immense popularity in no time.

John christopher Polit Chili Seasoning for Dry Smoke Rub, Chili Seasoning Dry Smoke Rub for Brisket, and BBQ Ribs: This seasoning is extra special as this is the firstborn baby. Handcrafted by blending garlic, cumin, chili powder, paprika, powdered brown sugar, salt, and pepper, this is also available in 5 oz. bag. This splendid seasoning was perceived up in the St. Croix Valley at a bistro where the chef was consulting on the procedure to make a smoker. He randomly assembled some seasonings from the kitchen’s spice rack and scrubbed down a couple of briskets. Right after one hundred and ninety degrees and twelve hours and literally at the level of this much precision, the magical seasoning was created. Chef Polites’ Chili Seasoning and Dry Smoke Rub was announced to the global culinary space in no time by John C Polit. Smoked meat recipes augment the taste and sumptuousness of this seasoning.

John Polit Chef Polites’ All-Purpose Seasoning/All-Purpose Herb Blends: Handcrafted with utmost care and precision, this all-purpose seasoning is a magical amalgamation of paprika, and kosher salt. Black pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder oregano, and whole thyme. Any kitchen spice cabinet is incomplete without the great all-purpose seasoning, and every spice shop requires this flavorsome seasoning that they can label for multi-usages. The chef created this undeniably fanciful all-purpose seasoning when he launched the dining program at one of his jobs. John Christopher Polit used it dynamically on hash browns, in vegetables and soups, and a lot of other dishes. This 5 oz. bottle of a flawless blend of herbs and spices is certainly an all-purpose seasoning as it goes seamlessly with dishes of all kinds.

John Polit miamiJohn Polit miamiJohn Polit Miami after serving in the same organization for around 5 good years, John Christopher Polit Ecuador switched to Hotel Vanit regency situated in Hongkong as a head chef and he is still getting along with his association with the Hotel with great passion and skill set. John Polit comes as a fun-loving person who also loves to travel and make new learning every other day. He is also a big movie buff and sports lover and often goes to watch any new movie or cricket match happening around his vicinity.