John Polit: Basic Cooking Techniques to get Started as a Chef
John Polit: Basic Cooking Techniques to get Started as a Chef

Cooking is an innate thing. A passion that for many, is a vocation and a lifestyle. But where you really notice a good professional is in the management of culinary techniques and mastery in the care of each ingredient when cooking it. Getting the right point is essential to get the most out of the flavour and texture that a dish requires in order to get an authentic taste.

In this post, renowned cook John Polit Ecuador mentioned some of the main techniques that every cook must master to achieve his title of chef.

  1. Braising

It is one of the principles of many dishes and sauces of international and mainly Mediterranean cuisine. It is about cooking over a gentle heat but without browning food or at least partially. It is usually made with onion, garlic, tomato and other vegetables as a base for sauces, stews, etc.

  1. Saute

According to famed chef John Polit Miami, Saute technique is another cooking concept that is often confused with poaching. In this case, the food is cooked over strong heat for shorter time, maintaining the juicy flavour. It is usually done with meats, poultry and vegetables.

  1. Poaching

This technique involves cooking a food without leaving it in direct contact with flame. The food is usually boiled or is made in its own juice using low temperature. Water or broth can be used as a medium. Poaching is usually done with eggs, fish, poultry and fruits. The low heat works best for delicate food items as it preserves aroma and moisture.

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  1. Reduce

It is often used in the production of broths and some sauces. Heating of raw food is done to reduce the volume of water to achieve a desired concentration.

  1. Maria Bath

To properly perform the water bath, the food to be cooked is directly placed in a bowl inside a saucepan filled with water so that it receives a gentle heat. It is mainly used in chocolate confectionery or jams for the delicacy of its composition, as well as in the production of preserves such as tomato and other vegetables.

It can also be done for fish, shellfish, tamales and desserts.

  1. Stewing

Stewing is mainly about subjecting a food to the fire. It is a type of mixed cooking that requires first frying the meat forming a crust, to add to a sauce and cook until it evaporates uncovered.

It is cooked at first uncovered, over a gentle heat, and then more moderate without being high heat, preventing the liquid from evaporating. Stewing can be done with meats and vegetables.

There are other techniques usually used in traditional cuisine, especially reserved for conserving some foods. The difference between them is the preparation in which they are made.

  1. Whitening

There is an important difference from the cuisine of main dishes and pastries when we talk about bleaching or scalding.

In the first case, that of the main course kitchen, it is a question of introducing a food in boiling water for an instant to pass it quickly to cool in water or ice as is usually done with tomatoes, asparagus or other vegetables, either to peel them or to freeze them later. However, in pastry when it comes to bleaching, we mean beating eggs and sugar, so that we get a whitish and thick mixture.

  1. Marinate, marinate or macerate

To prepare Adobo (a Philippine dish), one has to introduce a raw food into a concentrate made with vinegar or some fat, salt and other spices such as oregano, garlic, pepper or paprika, which is usually made with meats and fish. Although there are many references even from Roman times and Celtic peoples, their origins cannot be known exactly.

Unlike marinade, to marinate food is introduced into a liquid in order to acquire the aromas of the spices used.

Finally, maceration is always done with an alcohol preparation such as wine or liquor.

If you liked these techniques, John Christopher Polit Ecuador advises you to try them at home and enjoy the delicious experience. These innovative techniques and tips are already used by many professional in their kitchen.

John Polit Miami is an experienced culinary professional who is honoured with multiple awards and medals across the globe. Follow his exceptional cookery skills and take your cooking techniques to next level.

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